What Traceability means in Metrology and Mass Measurement

What Traceability means in Metrology and Mass Measurement

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  • Tue Jul 21, 2020
What Traceability means in Metrology and Mass Measurement

What Traceability means in Metrology and Mass Measurement

While dealing with weights and weighing instruments, you must have come across the term “traceability”. It comes into use frequently, especially in laboratory and manufacturing processes. Though traceability may have a different meaning at different places, here as the leading manufacturers and suppliers of calibration weights for laboratories in India, we are going to elaborate on the meaning and application of traceability in metrology and measurement of mass. 

Basic Definition of Metrological Traceability

The basic definition given by the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM, translated to International Office of Weights and Measures) for metrological traceability may sound a bit too technical. It is the “virtue of a measurement result whereby the result can be referenced through a documented chain of calibrations, each contributing to the measurement uncertainty”.

Let us simplify that definition for you, when we measure the weight of something, we trust that the results will be correct and significantly close to the true value. That trust generates since the weights and weighing equipment is calibrated frequently to ensure accuracy. That’s the chain mentioned in the definition of traceability by BIPM. Calibration weights are like a tree, each weight can be traced back to master weight till the standard reference to the true value. 

The standard weight is held in a vault of France and its value has been calculated by refining Planck’s constant. Due to that documented chain phenomena of calibration, if any mistake gets found, it can be easily traced back to its source. Since all the calibrations were documented, traceability provides us with an extra edge to curtail the chances of error in weight measurement. 

Why is traceability crucial in metrology?

There are many benefits which are acquired due to the traceability in the metrology. We are putting some major benefits as follows. 

  • Easy Tracking of Error: Traceability ensures that any discrepancy in the weight can be traced back to the source of that error. It helps in maintaining the integrity of the data and measurement across the calibration chain. 
  • Verification and Reliability: When a laboratory or manufacturing facility gets data from the other city, traceability helps in determining how trustworthy it is. The respective laboratory or manufacturing facility needs assurance and they get it through traceability analysis. 
  • Maintain Credibility of Weight Standards: Suppose there is no concept of traceability and the weights, weighing instruments are not traceable, they will simply lose credibility. People will hesitate in adopting such weights and weighing instruments at the global level. Studies done in different cities or nations will not remain coherent and it will be complicated to decide which one is right and which one is wrong. 

How is metrological traceability implemented?

For ensuring traceability, the weights and weighing instruments are calibrated by authorized regional laboratories. These laboratories are specifically verified and accredited by reputed organisations like National Metrology Institutes. Meanwhile, these institutes keep themselves checked by international organisations accountable for calibration such as the International System of Units. 

All these institutes and the accredited laboratories keep the calibration processes documented strictly according to the defined standards. That phenomenon ensures accuracy in weights and just in case any fault emerges anywhere, gets traced back to the source and rectified along with all the applicable calibrations done through that source.

Ensure Accuracy of Weights with Reliable Sources

Whether it is weight or anything else to be measured, accuracy and calibration are important. If you also have weight-related requirements or need to accomplish calibration needs in your laboratory or somewhere else, you can get high-precision calibration weights from Swastik Systems and Services. 

We are one of the most experienced manufacturers and suppliers of calibration weights for laboratories in India hence, we know the significance of precision and traceability for weight measurements very well. We offer a huge range of weights and weight-boxes suitable for various applications in diverse industries.

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